26th October 2017 - entry 19:00Uhr

Freak Show - Grendplatz 2a - 45276 Essen

For one night only

( We promise )

By invitation only

The amazing Fiscal Stimulus will play live at the Freak Show Essen

Private event of the year

26th October 2017 ... Also happens to be John's 60th birthday

(and Ian is not far behind)

There will be Dancing
There will be Singing
There will be Drinking

And possibly Jelly

Be there or be squere.

Free entrance Private party - By invitation only

30th January 2016 - entry 19:00Uhr begin 20:00

Freak Show - Grendplatz 2a - 45276 Essen

... with the fantastic HI-FI SPITFIRES