The Single ... (Ian, John, Mick - recorded at Primitive Sounds Studio, Belgim - engineered by Ronny and Hermann)

I'm A Believer

(Neil Diamand)

Not Revisited

Burger Van Of Love


The Demo ...(Ian, John - at John's gaff on GarageBand)

Snakes And Ladders

(Ellingworth, O'Brien, Schneider)

The Practice ... (Ian, John, Bridget - recordet in Bridget's bloke's cave on a phone)

Webcam Girl

(Ellingworth, O'Brien)

The Abendessen Sessions ... (Ian, John, Mick, Benny, Bridget - recordet in Freakshow, Essen on a phone)



Torture Song

(Ellingworth, O'Brien)


(Ellingworth, O'Brien)

Tea Wracks


Burger Van


The Malus Tracks

Owed To Leads

(Ellingworth) Ian Unplugged

Tea Wracks

(Ellingworth) Ian Vocals

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